The Best Charity For Gaza

Decades of political instability have stifled economic development across Palestine. The vast majority of Palestinians, living inside the territories and living as refugees in neighboring regions, depend on international aid for survival. This has made Rahma Worldwide, the best charity for Gaza, as they deploy a team in this region and provide all the help that is necessary. According to the World Food Program, well over 1 million people in Palestine are food insecure, including nearly half of the population of the Gaza Strip. Food expenses can easily consume more than half of an impoverished family’s budget. Rahma Worldwide has earned the reputation of the best charity located in Michigan because we delivered nourishing food to these people. And work options are extremely limited: Unemployment is close to 20% in the West Bank and a devastating 42% in Gaza.

Country Facts

In addition, continued violence throughout Palestine has severely affected the most vulnerable section of the population — the children. Many Palestinian children suffer from psychological trauma. To tackle all these problems, many people have to come forward with a single goal of helping the country. You can also be a part of the best charity for Gaza to play a role in building a better life for the people in Gaza.

Rahma Response

– #RahmaWorldwide’s team were quick and eager to respond to help and support our people in the #GazaStrip and delivered basic items such as food baskets for the affected families and neighborhood. They are committed to alleviating their suffering affected by the completely destroyed infrastructure.
– #RahmaWorldwide’s team was able to provide fuel tanks to run electric generators for hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and operate water wells in the towns of Beithanun and Jabalia as part of its urgent response to the events in #GazaStrip
– Provide 650 #meals for medical staff in the #hospitals of the Ministry of Health.
– the efforts of hard-working team of volunteers in Gaza as a part of the Home Restoration Project for the needy, #RahmaWorldwide was able to build and equip a home in the #Mughraqa area in the central #Gaza Strip for a #Pal

Palestine Crisis Briefing

This project is considered one of the largest projects targeting the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in order to help families reside in fully equipped and suitable homes and fully repaired and restored homes.