Rahma Worldwide launched this Food Security for refugees and displaced children we want you to be part of it!

Our food basket program is one of the first projects that Rahma established. This food program is essential monthly assistance to families and various individuals who are not able to afford or have any other means of receiving sustainable food. Those living in war-torn, and/or poor countries and communities realize that the costs of even basic food increase and become a rare commodity. Because of this inevitable reality, many foods that were low in cost and readily available become high in value and rare to find.

  • Our team members on the ground try their best to accommodate each food basket to fit the size and makeup of every family that our aid reaches
  • Many of our food baskets that are distributed are uniform in containing items such as:
  • Grains, Dry Milk, Beans, Oil, Olives, Cheese, Lentils, etc
  • Our food baskets will continue to be delivered to those families

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With the continued support of our generous donors, our food baskets will continue to be delivered to those families who cannot sustain themselves.