Refugees in Turkey

Turkey currently holds the largest number of refugees in the world; with an estimated 4 million refugees from all over the world. The number of Syrian refugees composes the largest percentage of all refugees in the country with an estimate of 76%. The country has done very well taking care of the refugees by establishing camps near the border.

Country Facts

Rahma Worldwide Aid & Development has established offices in Gaziantep, creating a base for managing our ongoing projects in the country. Our response in Turkey has been a success all along. Rahma Worldwide responded to the needs of the refugees by providing food baskets, winter cloths and supplies such as blankets, warm meals, and age-based education.

Seasonal campaigns in Turkey include: Udhiya and Ramadan campaigns, warm the children, Zakat for those in need, and refugee assistance. Most recently Rahma Worldwide expanded its education campaign in Turkey whereby last year 2021, Rahma International Academy was established offering a whole range of educational programs for all ages. Most recently, the Academy conducted courses in Autocad and Solid Works in Gaziantep, to name a few. We are proud to have graduated the first class of the Academy in April

Rahma Response

Turkey Crisis Briefing

Turkey now hosts the largest refugee population in the world. The Government of Turkey (GoT) estimates the total number of registered Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTPs) at 2,225,147 according to a new Policy Note prepared by the World Bank, Turkey’s Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Road Ahead. The policy note collates existing publicly available material on the situation of SuTPs in Turkey and summarizes not only the strategy and principles of Turkey’s unique response to its displacement crisis; but also the challenges in managing the socioeconomic dimensions of displacement. The Note also highlights the remaining critical policy issues and the road ahead for Turkey and what lessons could be drawn from the Turkish hosting experience for other countries’ refugee response efforts.